"I walked down and joined the party. . . on the point of land
formed by the junction of the [Missouri and Yellowstone] rivers; found them all in good health and much pleased at having arrived
at this long-wished-for spot."

- Meriwether Lewis, April 1805
The Journals of Lewis and Clark

Froid Centennial and All School Reunion

Welcome to Froid

Set in the high rolling plains of northeastern Montana, Froid is one of Montana’s famous “last best places.” Blessed with abundant wildlife, spectacular skies, and friendly folks, life here is shaped by nature, neighborliness, and basic values like family, hard work, and optimism.

A Blend of Old and New Forever Young - Marge Young, Froid citizen for some 60 years, proudly cradles great grandson Rylan Wade Young, youngest in Froid.

Blend of Old and New

Our German, Irish, and Scandinavian ancestors overcame incredible odds taming this wild land.  While some families still live on the original homesteads working as farmers and ranchers, others work in banking, education, healthcare, and government. Farming and ranching have changed over the years: GPS units guide tractors; livestock are “branded” with microchips; improved conservation techniques revitalize the soil producing superior products.  The entrepreneurial spirit and rich resources of this vast state have positioned Montana as a player in the global economy.

Land of Contrasts

On the main street of Froid you can shop in a country grocery store, sample chicken fried steak at the cafe, swap news and weather at the gas station, or peruse the library’s Montana collection.  Just north is Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a white pelican reserve that was featured in National Geographic. To the south is the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark encountered their first grizzly.

Last Best Place

Whether a native or a traveler, the beauty and variety found here will inspire and challenge you. Hunt, fish, hike, or canoe this untouched land. Explore area historical sites ranging from fur trading posts to the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers to dinosaur burial grounds.  Delve into our amazing diversity by dropping in on a county fair, rodeo, pow wow, or country auction. 

Here, life moves at an easy pace. The art of visiting is a valued pastime that requires only a cup of coffee, a ready smile, and time to listen.  Come and experience this Last Best Place--- Froid, Montana.